Drains could not be cleaned in Karachi despite rains forecast

Source: GEO news

Despite the forecast of rains in Karachi by the Meteorological Department, the drains in the city could not be cleaned. GEO News has reported. However, I have personally seen that authorities are cleaning the drain near my office at Techno City. My friends who lives in North Nazimabad also reported that cleaning is being done. 

The Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains in Karachi and feared urban flooding but the management of Karachi Municipal Corporation has not yet taken action and the drains in the city have not been cleaned yet.

There are a total of 41 large and 518 small drains in the city which have been filled with garbage so far while the cleaning campaign of KMC drains throughout the year has been limited to demonstration only.

Due to non-cleaning of drains before the rains, the situation in the city may worsen during the rains.

A few days ago, the entire city, including the Central District, was badly affected by 38 mm of rain.