Dual System existed in SLGO 1979 and 2001? Why are they raising hue and cry now?

Rowdiness caused by PML-F legislatures in the Sindh assembly has shocked me.  They used abusive language and tore important documents. These people caused this uproar over SPLGA 2012.

They called the law an “Historic Disloyalty’ against Sindh. PML-F and nationalists have been raising hue and cry over the new Local Government Bill for a long time. However, they have failed to point out the clauses which are against Sindh.

We all know the about PML-F and its politics. They have also supported the established. Now they are talking about rights of Sindh.

The Rowdy Nusrat Abbasi could only point out that the new law has introduced ‘Dual System of Government’ in Sindh. The lady should spare some time and read the SLGO 1979 and 2000s. She will find clauses relating to local government in these two. No one raise hue and cry then. Why are they protesting now? Is someone prodding them to do that?

I feel that they are making noises to garner public support. They think after the departure of Bhuttos from Sindh’s political scene, they will be able to grab public vote.

The new always is just a copy-paste exercise. The coalition partners have made few changes. All the control power is still in Sindh governments’ hand.

Nationalists and people who are protesting over the new law should look at the bright side of the laws. The law grants four Sindh-Speaking districts Metropolitan Status.

Local Government Minister was right in saying that the opposition should submit their desired amendments if they some clauses are against Sindhi Speaking people.

Will they take democratic path? No, they will not.