Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram could all have paid features

Meta, which is the biggest social media and app network in the world, is likely to add new paid features to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, three of its most popular apps.

paid features for  Facebook and WhatsApp

At the moment, users pay for special features on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, but these features are for businesses and organisations.

But now, even regular users will have to pay for some features.

The technology website “The Verge” says that the Meta company has made a division called “New Monetization Experience” to handle new features that cost money.

The job of this division will be to tell customers about the features and tell them about the schedule and policy for making payments.

The report said that some features on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were added in exchange for money. This information was sent to the top executives of the company in a letter some time ago.

The report said that a high-level Meta employee said that the paid features are likely to come out by 2024.

It’s not clear yet what kind of features the company will add in exchange for money, but it’s possible that the company will add features that will make it easy for users to fix a mistake message or post later. More people will be able to see posts.

The goal of adding these features, according to company officials, is to bring in more money for the company. Facebook’s competitors have also added similar features.