Facebook’s worship feature

Facebook’s new “worship” feature has split social media users’ opinions into two parts.

The social networking site Facebook’s experimental worship tool has been welcomed by religious leaders, with some calling it a move against their privacy and security concerns on Facebook.

This feature, which is included in the Facebook group, allows group members to request a collective prayer for upcoming job interviews, illness and personal and personal issues. After creating a post, other users can click the “I Prayed” button as well as like and other reactions, as well as send a comment or a direct message.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the trial of the untouched feature began in December last year, with the aim of promoting interfaith harmony between communities.

“In the midst of the global epidemic, we have seen different religions and spiritual communities use our platforms to communicate with each other and launch this new tool to support them,” the spokesman said.

Robert Jefferies of the First Baptist Church in Dallas welcomed the feature with open arms. Adeel Zeb, a Muslim leader at The Claremont Colleges in California, praised the worship tool, saying: Should be used.

Other users say that according to their data policy, Facebook uses different methods for advertising, including private ads, but the company says that this feature allows advertisers to use any person’s worship post. Will not be able to target ads.

On the other hand, moderators of some large groups say that Facebook has not made this feature purely for religious harmony, the fact is that it needs maximum engagement on its platform.

Pastor Thomas Mackenzie, who heads the Church of the Redeemer of the Anglican Church, criticized the feature, saying “they want to hate the tool, and Facebook is exploiting people’s beliefs and religions for money.” ۔ This is a vicious act of Facebook, this feature will motivate people to physically distance themselves from religion. ”