Fall and winter school closures in Germany due to fuel shortage

More problems are on the horizon for the German educational system, which has not yet fully recovered from the epidemic closures. They are connected to the heating in classrooms. Bettina Stark-Watzingerova, the FDP’s minister of education, has previously advised against reducing class time due to the energy crisis. Stark-Watzinger is worried about how the education of German children and teenagers will be impacted by the ongoing loss of teaching hours due to school closures.

school closures
the FDP’s minister of education

“Even during the pandemic, I advocated for educational institutions to be deemed vital infrastructure,” the minister claims in support of the importance of the educational process. Stark-Watzinger prefers that schools remain in session during the fall and winter.

Energy difficulties in Germany have already begun. The city of Nürnberg has announced that three of its four indoor swimming pools will be closed between July 16 and September 25. The reason is to conserve energy. The town hall recommends that residents mostly use the outdoor pools, which operate without additional water heating.

Schools and sports clubs will be impacted by the closing of indoor swimming pools. Mayor Christian Vogel supports the city’s strategy by stating, “Significant savings cannot be achieved without cuts and associated inconveniences.” He encourages individuals to be adaptable.

In German schools, the rule that teachers must open the windows for three to five minutes every 20 minutes still stands. This measure is intended to minimise the pandemic’s spread. It has been on the rise again over the past few weeks.

According to Czech economist Luká Kovanda, decreased gas supplies to Germany are due to a specific turbine that the Russians shipped to Montreal, Canada for maintenance and repair.

The turbine served Gazprom for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline’s gas flow to Germany. Since Monday, it has been undergoing yearly maintenance, which is expected to conclude on July 22.