Fall infection season has already begun



Fall infection season has already begun. This is already visible in all primary health care clinics, where the number of such patients coming for a visit is growing. Although it is only the beginning of autumn, it has been difficult for several days to make an appointment with a family medicine specialist. What to do when an infection starts?

Queues with typical symptoms of a cold are already lining up at family doctors. Runny nose , cough , headache , sore throat, low-grade fever, general malaise – these are the symptoms that patients most often come to the clinic with. And both adults and children. What to do when an infection starts?

In the case of infections in children, one of the most common scenarios is when the parents take the child to the kindergarten in the morning, and during the day the caretakers from the kindergarten inform that the child is sick – has a runny nose, high temperature – and ask them to take the child away from the facility.


A runny nose or cough is not always a reason to rush to the doctor right away. Doctors are telling people  to stay at home, take over-the-counter medications and see if the infection goes away.







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