Features of Tensor G2

Boosts battery life

Tensor G2 was created with the goal of enhancing Pixel’s functionality and efficiency for long-lasting battery life. Google’s machine learning models run more quickly and efficiently on Tensor G2. Additionally, it makes Pixel faster and more functional than ever.

Tensor G2 Munaeems Blog February 7 2023

Secure to the core

The international gold standard for identity, SIM card, and bank card security chips is used to test the Titan M2 security chip. With the aid of the Android Virtualization Framework, a type of protected computing, Google Tensor G2 helps to protect your apps.

Pro-level photos

Together, Google’s cutting-edge computational photography and Tensor G2’s sophisticated image processors help to increase your camera’s processing speed and photo quality. With the help of this potent system, features like Super Res Zoom can be improved upon by instantly fusing images.

Videos just like the movies

Exceptionally detailed video is made possible by Tensor G2. Whether you watch on your Pixel or a large-screen TV, the video quality is incredible thanks to improved image processing capabilities. When you record video with Cinematic Blur enabled, Tensor G2 will instantly apply the effect.

Super intelligent dictation

Google’s newest cutting-edge speech recognition is used by Tensor G2. Your Pixel learns your speech patterns, the names of your loved ones, favourite locations, and more. And with time, it gets even better.

Amazing gaming

The GPU in the Tensor G2 operates more effectively, providing slick real-time rendering for beautiful, fluid graphics.

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