Google introduces support for storing Vaccine Card in Google’s Android devices

 Android smartphone users will be able to save their Covid-19 vaccination record in their devices in the near future.

 Google has added the ability to save this record by updating the API for Passes.

 Google announced this in a blog post on June 30. However, this does not mean that you will be able to upload your vaccination card right now.

 This updated API or application programming interface will allow developers of government agencies and medical institutions around the world to create digital versions of vaccination cards or Covid test results.

Google said that once a user saves a digital version of a Covid-19 record on his device, he will be able to access it via a shortcut on the device’s home screen.

 The company said that even if Internet service is not available or in a region where Internet service is not very good, users will still have access to this record.

 The Passes API is commonly used by Google Pay Vault users to secure boarding passes, loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets and more.

 But after this update, people who do not use the Google Pay app will also be able to store their digital codec in the device.

 Since Google will not keep a copy of the card, users will need to download it from a government agency or others to secure the codec on different devices.

 These cards will have the company or government logo at the top, followed by the user’s name, date of birth and other relevant details such as manufacturer of the  the vaccine or laboratory where test was conducted, etc.

 This updated API is being introduced for the first time in the US and will be rolled out to other countries soon.