Hair straightening chemicals can cause uterine cancer

According to new research, hair straightening chemicals can cause uterine cancer.

uterine cancer

San Francisco: Uterine deficiency and acute cancer are spreading rapidly in the United States and the chemical components that straighten hair have played an important role in it.

In this regard, experts from the US National Institute of Environmental Health examined 33,947 women for 11 consecutive years and at the end of the day, a total of 378 women had cervical cancer. During this period, 378 women were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in a total of 12 months. It was found that women who used more than four chemicals to straighten their hair in 12 months, their risk of cancer increased by a total of 155 percent. While women who avoided such chemicals did not see uterine cancer.

Women in their 70s who did not use hair straighteners had a 1.64 per cent risk of ovarian cancer and 4 per cent among women who applied repeated chemicals.
However, surprisingly, the colors applied on the hair do not cause cancer, which has also been found in the survey.

Experts believe that hair straightening chemicals contain chemicals that affect the endocrine system and affect different organs. Then hormones like estrogen and progesterone have also found evidence of uterine cancer. The reason is that hair straightening chemicals contain ingredients that exactly work as hormones because they have to keep the hair straight for a long time.

Experts also discovered a terrible thing that  18 products found ingredients that negatively affect the endocrine system. While 84 percent of the ingredients were not written on the packaging, and 11 products contained ingredients that have been banned by the European Union Cosmetics Directorate.

However, in 2019, a link between hair coloring chemicals and breast cancer has also been revealed.