Do you know Grapefruits have anti-atherosclerosis property?

Munaeems Blog February 6 2023

 Grapefruit are available in pink, yellow, and red. Citrus is well known for more than just its sour-sweet flavor. It has well-known cholesterol-lowering, slimming, and anti-atherosclerosis property. What characteristics of grapefruit are you aware of?

Grapefruits -  anti-atherosclerosis

Grapefruit for health

In the 1600s, grapefruit was brought to Europe from the island of Barbados. Most of them are water. The bittersweet flesh has many good things in it:

It has B vitamins, vitamin E and C, and fibre.

In addition, it also contains sugar, organic acids and carotenes, i.e. plant dyes (e.g. lycopene), flavonoids, pectins. Naringin, which is responsible for the bitter taste , makes the fruit improve bowel function, thus accelerating metabolism and having a slightly laxative effect.

Grapefruits are also credited with having anti-atherosclerosis, preventing sclerosis and varicose veins, and strengthening immunity. Due to its low carbohydrate content, grapefruit is a suitable fruit for diabetics.

Daily consumption of grapefruit juice or raw fruit lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of heart attack. .

Israeli scientists have proven this to be true. Researchers from Texas have shown that grapefruit juice makes bones stronger.

The anti-cancer effect of the fruit is debatable. Studies by American scientists show that drinking some anti-cancer drugs with grapefruit juice improves the absorption of the drug, thus enhancing its effect. Dr. Nancy Turner of the University of Texas determined that certain components of the fruit may slow down the multiplication of colon cancer cells.

On the other hand, eating grapefruit every day does increase the risk of breast cancer because of the chemicals it contains. Let’s stop guessing about how grapefruit affects the development of cancer and how it is treated. We need to do more research.

Grapefruit for weight loss

Grapefruits are best known as a way to lose weight because they have few calories and speed up the metabolism (hence, among others , the grapefruit diet ). It has vitamin C and fiber, which are both natural fat burners. Grapefruit contains chemicals that make the body make more insulin and lower the amount of glucose in the blood.

They are filling, so they keep you from feeling hungry for a longer time. They are also low in calories. Eat a quarter of a grapefruit half an hour before lunch and dinner if you want to eat less at each meal. When dried grapefruit is added to green tea, it helps the body break down food after a meal.

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