How do unauthorized buildings in Swat ‘s riverbank become a threat?

Following the exceptional rainfall that caused the floods in Pakistan, the Swat river saw significant flooding on Thursday, which ruined the riverfront structures in the communities of Kalam, Bahrain, and Madin.

unauthorized buildings in Swat 's riverbank

Videos posted on social media, particularly those showing the devastation of the Hotel Honeymoon in Kalam, have drawn a lot of interest.

The main issue highlighted in this discussion was if there were any rules that did not consider the possibility of flooding while developing buildings beside riverbanks.

A few social media users also questioned why, in spite of a disaster like to the one that occurred in 2010, structures were permitted near the river bank in the same area.

It’s significant to note that Hotel Honeymoon was also destroyed in 2010.

Regarding this, the BBC released a special report in 2012 that made an effort to address these questions.

For the benefit of readers, a copy of this report is being provided:

Following the terrible floods in Swat in 2010, people started building homes and businesses along the Swat River’s banks again, however due to a lack of knowledge about design and related legislation, these structures were built according to the residents’ preferences. have begun doing.

In Kalam, Zarmatullah Khan Shinwari constructed a brand-new hotel with the name “New Honeymoon.” In the past, the 2010 floods devastated his 100-room hotel, causing him to suffer a loss of Rs 20 crore.

He told BBC’s Raheel Khan that the government neither forbade them from constructing hotels along the river’s edge nor did it provide them with any advice on how to handle natural calamities.

He added that hotels near rivers generate more business, therefore despite the possibility of floods, a new hotel has once again been constructed nearby.