How much exercise is required to strengthen muscles?

A new study has discovered that it is not possible to deny the importance of exercise for physical and mental health, but how much time is needed to strengthen the muscles?

Sometimes it is more important to strengthen the muscles by taking some time out of consistency for daily exercise than strenuous exercise.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted by Australia and Japan.

A joint study by Edith Cowan University and Nishi Kyushu University included three groups who exercised hand muscle strengthening for four weeks.

Two groups exercised harder only one day a week, while one group exercised for some time up to five days a week.

After 4 weeks, it was discovered that there was no change in the size or strength of the muscles of those who exercised once a week.

But people who exercised six days a week increased their muscle volume by 10 percent.

In an earlier study, it was also discovered that just a few minutes of exercise 5 days a week is enough to improve physical health.

Experts involved in this new research said that people think that exercising for a long time in the gym for one or two days a week is beneficial, but this idea is not correct, it is beneficial to make a habit to exercise for some time every day.

Although only hand muscles were examined in the research, the researchers said that we believe that other muscles will also benefit the same.

He said that physical activities may be different but it is important to normalize them.

He said that recent evidence indicates that even if it is for a short time, normalizing weight training is also beneficial for muscle strength.