Hygiene: How often do you need to change your socks?

Do you change your socks with the right frequency?

Experts explain why this activity should sometimes be performed much more frequently than we would anticipate.

Changing socks
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Individual clothing replacement on a regular basis is a savoir vivre practice as well as a hygiene practice. It turns out that many people are unaware of how frequently socks need to be changed. It is not clear what the experts’ solution to this problem is.

How often should you change your socks?

Internet users frequently make jokes about changing this specific garment. Men change their socks less frequently than women, roughly every two to three days, according to online discussion forums. Socks should be thought of as daily-worn undergarments.

The feet may contain as many as 250,000 sweat glands. If we start perspiring, the moisture from our bodies will cause dead skin to gather in the socks. It will be very simple to grow microbes, fungi, and even staphylococci in this situation if we do not change this component of the outfit. Remember about proper sock hygiene because it is better to prevent something than to treat it.

Experts warn. Once a day is the minimum

Fungal infections and excessive body sweating are unpleasant conditions. It is necessary to see a specialist and practice good hygiene in order to get rid of them more quickly. It makes sense to change your socks more frequently than once a day in this situation. The bacteria will not have much time to multiply after that. Another situation is increased physical activity. Replace the socks with a dry, new pair if we notice that our feet are perspiring after training.

It is advisable to wash the feet themselves before switching socks. The risk of infection will be significantly reduced by thorough cleaning and drying.

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