How Saudi Arabia Joining BRICS can shift the world power? : USA vs Saudi Arabia Explained.

UAE and Saudi Arabia joining in BRICS will be game changing

The balance of power in the world will forever change if the UAE and Saudi Arabia join BRICS.
“A global trend aimed at building an economic and financial system parallel to the current one was accelerated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We have previously discussed the possibility of the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—which together account for 41% of the world’s population—adding the GCC countries.”
“These nations also make up 23% of the world’s economy and 18% of its trade, reflecting their relative significance to the world economy as a whole. Saudi Arabia recently submitted an application to join the group, which was warmly embraced by current members. Also being discussed is the possibility of the UAE and Turkey joining, which would fundamentally alter the balance of power in the world and contribute to a more stable system.”
“The three countries’ likely accession will bring about a significant shift that will favor the East. Saudi Arabia, with its enormous energy potential, the UAE, as a major international financial and commercial hub, and Turkey, with its geographic location, industrial development, and technological advancement, will significantly increase their influence over the group and rebalance power between the East and the West.”
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