How to Clean Earbuds Or Headphones To Protect Ear From Infections ?

 Cleanliness protects health, whether it is the body or the environment. In the same way, cleaning all the items that you use is also very important, including earbuds or headphones.

 It is well known that airwax, called ear wax, plays a key role in protecting the ear. But with the use of earbuds or headphones, these wax starts accumulating in the holes in these devices, during exercise, these devices also collect grinding and dust, thus promoting the growth of bacteria and other germs in them, and when they are used, they increase your risk of ear pain or fungal infection.

 Cleaning these earbuds or headphones is also important because if proper cleaning or maintenance is not taken care of, the actual audio quality provided by them also starts to be affected.

 It can also affect the microphone, make phone calls and voice memos more difficult, as well as sweating can have a negative effect on your headphones, because it  contains acidity that can cause damage to its internal structure.

 If you have earbuds or headphones of a well-known company, then according to the company, choose cotton or a soft cotton cloth to clean them and instead of wetting it with water, use a small amount of hand sanitizer on it and clean the holes thoroughly.

Avoid the use of water as this way it can get spoiled. If you have headphones whose silicone bit can be removed, remove it and clean it thoroughly on the inside. But don’t try to scratch or rub. To clean other types of headphones, remove the cushions and clean them with cotton.