If you want to reduce liver fat and increase lifespan, then eat grapes

The grape season has arrived, and accordingly, scientists have made an interesting analysis of its further benefits. They insist that eating grapes regularly improves genetic expression, reduces liver fat and increases life expectancy, but all these studies have been done on mice.

Grapes reduce liver fat

The study was published in the journal Foods, which summarizes that it is to adopt the habit of eating grapes. Professor John Pizzotto of the University of Western New England and his colleagues conducted this research. He said that food has a profound effect on the body, the nutritional effects on the child start appearing in the mother’s stomach. The benefits of grapes in this are amazing.

The first benefit is that eating grapes greatly reduces the chances of increasing liver fat. Because grapefruit has an effect on the genes that increase this fat (fatty liver disease). This condition is common worldwide and an estimated 25 percent of the world’s population suffers from this condition, which also results in liver failure or cancer.

Eating grapes increases the activity of antioxidant-making genes. On the other hand, grapes were found to have another feature that they address our poultry eating habits, which is causing obesity, blood pressure and diabetes etc. If grapes are eaten with poultry foods, then the risk of weight gain is also reduced.

The third important thing is that the mice fed grapes increased their lifespan and if measured on a human scale, it can be from four to five years. But it is yet to be tested on humans. However, it can be said that rat experiments can be applied to the human body because this has been the case in the past.

Dr. John Pizzotto says that eating grapes can also increase brain capacity and ability.