Imran Khan apologized for threatening the female judge

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in the High Court and apologized for intimidating a female judge in a contempt of court case, following which the court postponed the process of indicting Imran Khan. The matter was heard by a larger bench of five justices led by Chief Justice Athar Minullah, who accepted Imran Khan’s apologies and decided to postpone the contempt proceedings.

apologized for threatening the female judge

The court summoned Imran Khan to the rostrum as the hearing began. The Chief Justice stated that we would simply read the charge today. Imran Khan’s counsel stated that Imran Khan wanted to discuss the prior hearing on this occasion. Imran Khan stated in court, “My 26 years of effort has been for the rule of law.” Except for me, no one brings up the rule of law in meetings.

Imran Khan informed the court that if necessary, he would go before a female judge. I’m prepared to apologise. What I stated was not on purpose.

After hearing Imran Khan’s apologetic statement, the Islamabad High Court postponed the indictment procedure and instructed Imran Khan to file an affidavit. “We appreciate that,” said the Chief Justice. That should never have happened. The court appreciates it if you recognize your error. The court later ordered Imran Khan to submit an affidavit in light of the statement and deferred the case and indictment proceedings against Imran Khan to October 3. The judge has ordered that the criminal proceedings be halted.

It should be noted that in the case of contempt of court for threatening a female judge, the Islamabad High Court dismissed both of Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s answers as unsatisfactory and set September 22 as the date for indictment.

Imran Khan dodges contempt indictment after month-late apology to judge. I agree with the comment of Now Imran needs to control his mouth. We have witnessed both Imran and Maryam Nawaz have been making offensive comments for persons and institutions. They must remain with the limit defined by Pakistan’s laws.

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