Imran Khan has attacked the economy to force the state to kneel before him: Shakeel Anjum

Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has attacked the economy to force the state to kneel before him, bringing the country close to bankruptcy. Shakeel Anjum says in his article.

Imran attacked the economy

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Taimur Jhagra’s phone call with former Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen showed Imran Khan’s intentions against the state. Wouldn’t cancelling the contract by writing to the IMF be a loss for the state?

A candle of optimism has been lit in the country, but it leaves Tehreek-e-leadership Insaaf’s with a question: Should they blindly follow Imran Khan, who puts the country’s security above his toxic ideas? Imran Khan knows that if he terminates the IMF agreement, Pakistan will go bankrupt. The worst floods in Pakistan’s history will cause food shortages, but the dollar won’t fly. Imran Khan wants the country’s security alarms to sound. Tehreek-e-Insaf will achieve its goal of giving Pakistan Sri Lanka’s “status.”

Why does Imran Khan keep attacking state and national security? An passionate Tehreek-e-Insaf young man explained Imran Khan’s purpose, saying, “One more push to the falling walls” because Imran-Khan simply wants power. They don’t care if the country stays.

Political and social groups suspect Imran Khan’s attacks on state institutions. Imran Khan’s political approach is thought to weaken the state, destabilise the economy, and bankrupt the country. At this stage, the goal is to exert great pressure on the government and establishment to arrange immediate elections as per Tehreek-e-leader. Insaaf’s

Tehreek-e-leadership Insaf’s felt the PTI would win a two-thirds majority in the elections, thus it began seeking “true freedom” by rewriting the Constitution. Goes. People will eventually understand “true freedom,” but it will be too late. These are aims that orthodox Americans won’t accept, according to some. Here begins Imran Khan’s decline.

The four pillars of the state stand motionless, powerless, and defenceless before Imran Khan’s greed, indifference, dictatorship, and arrogance. It feels like the state is begging for its security because the judiciary and establishment either favour Imran or fear his popular authority, even against him. No one has the bravery to put a public blasphemer to justice, yet the Punjab Police has identified the leader who blasphemed against the prominent journalist Waqar Sati. Blasphemy has been reported. The plaintiff claims Waqar Sati damaged Imran Khan’s reputation.

Four provinces were devastated by rain. Streets, markets, roads, grasslands, and deserts are flooded. Imran Khan’s “tsunami” is destroying mud dwellings and big skyscrapers. Imran Khan’s “tsunami” is flooding governmental institutions. Judiciary, legislature, forces, and journalists are vulnerable. “Neutrals” do their jobs discreetly.

Despite being the country’s largest political party, Tehreek-e-Insaf hasn’t been very big. Leaders remained optimistic. If Tehreek leaders sensed the people’s agony, they would have instructed their lakhs of employees to help flood victims or encouraged them to raise funds at the party level.

On the same day thousands were drowning, he begged the New York-based Pakistani community to support “true freedom” but the floods failed. He didn’t care about fundraising for others. Imran Khan is unaware that 359 children were flooded.