In China, artificial intelligence monitors citizens’ loyalty to the party

artificial intelligence

Fairy tales can dispel the notion that total surveillance only exists in science fiction literature and cinema. China is undoubtedly at the forefront of nations that have long relied heavily on tracking the various activities of their citizens. This time, it turns out that party loyalty is assessed there using artificial intelligence.

A new AI-based tool has been created in China to assist authorities in keeping track of Communist Party members’ allegiance to the nation’s sole legitimate branch of government.

The Hefei Institute of Artificial Intelligence claims that an “intelligent political education system” uses facial recognition and brainwave analysis to assess users’ levels of support for political and ideological education.

People who might be a little perplexed and believe that other political systems are superior to what China currently offers have been identified by the tool. Artificial intelligence refers to a person who is then forcibly enrolled in a re-education facility where he is supposed to regain trust and faith in the “ideal world” that was created in China and come to terms with his mistakes. We can only speculate about the re-education techniques used.

According to the tool’s creators, the tool was created to “quantify mental education” and offer “further educational recommendations.” This suggests that it is efficient and captures individuals who have thus far managed to elude the prying eyes of spies and informers.

The video explaining how the tool works was removed from Chinese social media in no time. Literally a moment after adding. It may be suspected that its authors were also re-educated.