In the US, Samsung A23 5G is releasing yet another affordable 5G phone.

Samsung’s $300 Galaxy A23 5G phone joins the company’s A-series of less costly phones. The phone targets budget-conscious consumers amid rising competition from Apple and Google. Inflation has slowed smartphone shipments. Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other retailers will sell the Galaxy A23 5G on September 1.

Samsung A23 5G

Samsung has released the Galaxy A23 5G in the US. $300 Galaxy A23 is pricier than $250 Galaxy A13 5G but less than $400 Galaxy A42 5G. OnePlus Nord N20 5G costs $300.

The Galaxy A23 5G has a 6.6-inch screen and 120Hz refresh rate, like many other A-series phones. V-shaped notch replaces Samsung’s more expensive hole-punch design for the front camera.

The Galaxy A23 5G boasts four rear cameras, but the 50-megapixel main camera stands out. The ultrawide camera’s 5-megapixel sensor limits its resolution. Close-up photography is possible with a 2-megapixel depth lens and macro lens. At this price, it’s normal for the main camera to have the best specs. 8-megapixel self-timer.

The Galaxy A23 5G has a 5,000 mAh battery, like previous models. Mike Sorrentino used Samsung’s sub-$200 Galaxy A phones for two days. The A23 is the only smartphone with 5G capability. Increasing the A23 5G’s refresh rate may reduce battery life and improve scrolling.

Snapdragon 695 is utilised by the Galaxy A23 5G, OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G, and N20 5G. 64GB is more than Samsung’s sub-$200 Galaxy A03S and comparable to the $250 Galaxy A13 5G. The Galaxy A23 5G also offers a microSD card slot that can hold up to 1TB of data.

Despite the spotlight on Galaxy S and foldable devices, Samsung’s Galaxy A line is popular. The Galaxy A series made for 58% of Samsung’s global smartphone sales in 2021, according to Counterpoint Research.

Apple and Google are also challenging Samsung. Google’s $449 Pixel 6A competes with Samsung’s $450 Galaxy A53 5G. Apple released the $429 iPhone SE in March.

Despite inflation affecting smartphone demand, users desire more affordable products, says Canalys Research.

iPhone SE, Galaxy A53 5G, and Galaxy A33 did poorly, according to Canalys Research analyst Brian Lynch. Lynch’s data shows considerable demand for inexpensive electronics. Samsung wants to connect with US consumers ready to spend less than $500 on a 5G phone with the Galaxy A23 5G.