Instagram introduces new features for children

Instagram introduces three new features to protect children.

Munaeems Blog February 5 2023


Instagram has introduced some new features to keep young children out of the reach of ‘unwanted adults’ while ensuring their safety on social media.

Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, announced three new features in a press release yesterday :

Feature 1: If any child under the age of 13 creates an account on Instagram, it will automatically be ‘private’, meaning that only other minors will be able to see the posts made on this account. In addition, these posts will only be visible to adults who will be allowed by the child (user) himself.

Second feature: Accounts with suspicious activity on Instagram will be tightly monitored and they will also be barred from sending direct messages (‘DM’) to minors.

Feature 3: Options for advertising agencies will also be limited so that children using Instagram will only receive ads that are appropriate for their age.

In another post related to the announcement , Facebook’s Vice President for Youth Products (VP ​​of Youth Products) Pawni Dewanji has made it clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to determine the exact age of the account holder.