iPhone 13 users have reported bugs

Few iPhone 13 users have reported bugs on a Reddit thread.  These users received the error message ‘Unable to communicate with Apple Watch’. This error was generated when they tried to unlock their iPhones with their Apple Watch.

The iPhone 13 user reported that both his iPhone 13 and Apple Watch SE had iOS updates.  He said that he tried to fix the issue by rebooting booth devices and pairing both devices.

It has been reported by users that they experience bugs in their storage devices when they were updated with iOS 15. Users hope Apple will try to release and new updated iOS 15 after fixing the bugs.

Another problem reported by large number of iPhone users is that they experienced ‘iPhone Storage Full’. Most users complained that they cannot remove the error. What annoyed users most is they could not dismiss the warning.

Some users have reported that after the iOS 15 update their devices are showing more storage than the available storage on iPhones.