ISIM has become popular. Traditional SIM cards future?

Qualcomm said that it would work with Vodafone and Thales to develop iSIM technology. The first working device with this solution was shown. This solution could replace eSIM, which more and more manufacturers are starting to offer. The most important thing about it will be that it will be easier to use.

Since 2016, ESIM technology has been used in many devices. It has many benefits, such as being able to switch networks quickly. But there are also problems, and the main one is that you have to use a dedicated chip that must be installed on the motherboard. Qualcomm decided to fix this problem by making the iSIM, which has the digital SIM card built right into the processor.

With this kind of solution, you can speed up the commercialization of technology by a lot. By buying a Qualcomm chip, which is one of the biggest providers of mobile systems, the company can offer iSIM right away without having to worry about installing an extra chip. The advantage, according to the company that made it, is that it simplifies the design of the phone itself and frees up space on the PCB for the eSIM chip.

iSIM also has more room for extra features and can easily be used with more than one account. Integration right into the processor also ensures a high level of security and makes the battery last longer. According to the information, the platform was tested using a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone with Snapdragon 888 that worked with a Thelas iSIM card. In Samsung’s research labs, the operation was tested. At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the podcast Technically Thing Taking. This time, we talked about, among other things, a strange Polish device that lets you talk in 70 different languages without having to spend time learning them. or even the iris payment system, which was introduced in the province.


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