Islamabad Police to get search warrants for Imran Khan’s home

The Islamabad Police have decided to get search warrants for the home of Imran Khan, chairman of the PTI. According to media reports, Islamabad Police has now decided to obtain search warrants for Imran Khan’s home in the case of instigating institutional revolt against Shehbaz Gul.

The Islamabad Police have drafted a request to the Magistrate for authorization to execute search warrants at the Bani Gala residence of Imran Khan. According to police officials, in order to investigate the Shahbaz Gul case, it is necessary to examine Imran Khan’s Bani Gala residence.

In contrast, the Islamabad Police stated in a statement that the accused Shahbaz Gul case is now under investigation and that spreading false information about the inquiry is an attempt to influence the case at this point.

False rumours, according to the Islamabad Police, are spreading aggressively among the populace; citizens are urged not to believe these rumours.

People in power in Islamabad are bent on creating a crisis for Pakistan. Imran is a popular leader in Pakistan and he enjoys massive support in all the provinces. He can be called a true national leader. Despite his style of politics and rhetoric, he is loved and liked by most people. Sane members of PMLN should stope police from getting search warrants.

search warrants

Instead of creating fake cases to destroy their opponents, the government in power should pay attention to getting Pakistan out of the economic crisis. Now our woes have further increased by the flood in Pakistan. It will require a lot money and resources to rehabilitate people and build infrastructure.