It is important to run after eating chocolate

The biggest reason for obesity is that we are unaware of the calories in the things we are eating throughout the day.

Have you ever wondered how long we need to exercise after eating a simple chocolate bar?

Most people will be unaware of this, but today we tell you that what we are eating throughout the day, it is very important to burn these calories, if this is not done, then when the person becomes suffering from obesity disease is not known.

The only way to burn file calories is to exercise, according to dietitians, keep the calories of whatever you eat in the brain because the more calories you take, the more you will have to exercise.

A study conducted at Lao Boro University in the UK shows how much exercise you have to do to stay healthy after eating what things.

According to the study, a small chocolate bar contains 229 calories, after eating this small chocolate, a person must walk for 42 minutes or run for 22 minutes.

After this study comes out, people who eat chocolate must keep in mind how much exercise you will need to do after eating chocolate.

If we do not burn daily calories by exercising, then they keep accumulating in the body, which later becomes a dangerous disease like obesity, which is not easy to get rid of.