JI levels unfounded allegations against MQM

Tonight with Jasmeen (PML N & Other parties March) – 4th February 2013

Aag lege Puree bastee mein. Abdullah Rahe aapne mastee mein

– Farooq Sattar

Jasmeen said,” Kia Muttahida bhi Uth nahi masti mein hain.”

Jasmeen started her program with the statement that political parties are not happy with the Election Commission because of their hesitation to implement Supreme Courts Verdict on the issues of delimitation and verification of lists.

Jamaat’s representative started off the same old thing. They want changes in constituencies and amendments in voters’ list as per the order of SC.

He accused that MQM’s people have made it impossible for ECP carry out their work in Karachi. I think that is a lie.  The team came to my house and asked for details and took my thumb impressions and went away.

JI leaders should not make this kind of accusations. They must provide evidence to the authorities if they say that ECP is not being allowed to do its job.

He talked about the same old story. He gave the reference of more than 600 voters listed on a single house. This could be a data entry mistake.