Junk food, poultry and processed foods can severely damage blood vessels

Those who eat junk food and have a poor diet only for tongue chatter should be careful that their habit for a long time not only increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, but also severely affects the large and small blood vessels internally.

Munaeems Blog February 7 2023
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Scientists at the University of Leipzig in Germany have said that according to many pieces of evidence, poultry food, junk food, and fast food affect the walls of the veins inside the arteries, even endothelial cells can be affected. As a result, diseases and other diseases may become more prevalent. On the other hand, they can also result in obesity.

On the other hand, experts claim  that the sensitive system of metabolism is affected before eating junk types. It affects the blood vessels in the vital organs but has negative effects in different ways. For example, if the veins of the liver are filled with fats, then the veins of the kidneys start to fail at the metabolic level and the irritation in the veins of the lungs increases.

It can result in heart disease, neurological disease, obesity and other diseases. But Olga Bendrwa, a scientist researching diabetes and obesity in Leipzig, believes that bad eating habits lead to many diseases at the molecular level. But this research can help design treatments for each patient.

On the other hand, we can better understand the relationship between diet and disease. Scientists have also said that, on the contrary, a good, balanced, and proper diet can help eliminate diseases. Among them are vegetables, fruits, pulses, white meat and other dishes