Karachi: A new police unit will be established to combat street crimes

The police officials in Karachi have organised a new team of 300 cops to patrol the motorcycles in order to stop the rising number of street crimes.

According to Karachi Police Chief Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Javed Odhu, who spoke at a news conference in his office in Karachi, ten people have been killed and twelve others have been injured so far in the month of September as a result of resistance with suspected thieves. are

According to him, there were 15 police encounters during that time period in various parts of the city, in which 5 robbery suspects were murdered and 14 others were injured and taken into custody.

The Karachi Police Chief announced that a motorbike squad has been established in order to stop the recent crime wave by apprehending the thieves after pursuing them.

A 300-person police force called the Shaheen Force has been designated to combat street crime, according to additional IG Javed Odhu.

According to him, vulnerable routes have been selected in places where street crimes have escalated for the aim of deployment of the Shaheen Force.

He said he would try to equip motorcycles with trackers so he could keep an eye on the force, and he added that patrol routes might be altered monthly.

He declared that the police officers who make up the Shaheen Force will be given bulletproof vests, contemporary motorcycles, contemporary weaponry, and walkie-talkies so they can react swiftly to any unfavourable event of street crimes.

The trained Shaheen Force was expected to aid in reducing street crime, according to the chief of the Karachi police.

In addition, IG Javed Odhu stated that Karachi Police is employing every resource at its disposal to uphold law and order and safeguard the lives and property of the populace.

Crime figures
The Karachi Police Chief also provided comparative information about offences handled by the Citizen Police Liaison Committee on this occasion (CPLC).

The statistics shows that between January 1 and August 31 of this year, 269 people were hurt and 58 people died as a result of resisting robbery. 54 individuals died and 235 others were hurt in the same time period last year.

8 individuals were killed in January, 6 in February, 3 in March, 10 in April, 8 in May, 10 in June, 7 in July, and 6 in August, according to data for the previous 8 months. Eight people died in January, five in February, three in March, ten in May, six in June, eight in July, and seven in August.

A 269-person injury toll from robbery resistance was broken down into the following monthly totals: 38 in January, 42 in February, 29 in March, 24 in April, 38 in May, 29 in June, 37 in July, and 37 in August. There were 31 injuries.

According to data from the CPLC on street crimes, there has been a 36.50% drop in these offences over the past two weeks, according to the police.

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According to the data, 1,519 occurrences of street crime were registered in Karachi between August 22 and August 28, but 1,919 incidents were reported between August 29 and September 4. There were 1,217 criminal events overall.

Robberies from homes
According to the police, there were 23.29% fewer home burglaries this year than there were the year before.

Compared to the first eight months of last year, when there were 395 occurrences of house robbery, at least 303 cases were reported in 2022.

According to police competition statistics, there were 598 police confrontations with dacoits in the final eight months of this year, during which 73 suspected street criminals were slain and 698 others were detained and hurt. There were 334 police confrontations in total, and 66 dacoits were slain in those encounters.

The Karachi Police detained 27 individuals each day in the first eight months of this year, totaling 6,31 suspected offenders.

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