Karachi police request Rs 50 crore to modernize the bomb disposal squad

Sindh-Police  Reports say that Sindh Home Department has sent a summary to the chief minister to grant them Rs. 50 crore to modernize the bomb disposal squad.

I think Sindh government should grant them money requested by them. Given the the precarious law and order situation of the city, I think we urgently need to provide our brave people in the bomb disposal squad. These brave men have been doing great work with little equipment they have.  Thousands of people have lost their lives because of bomb attacks in Karachi in the recent areas. A close family friend died in a bomb planted in the Jinnah Hospital several years. Sindh police needs reforms. They need better salary package and equipment to fight crime.

Police department want to purchase equipment as soon as possible. They will use their own funds of Rs. 10 Crore to buy some of the urgently needed equipments.