Khawaja Izhar advises his party to leave the government.

Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hasan, the leader of the MQM, has expressed doubts over the new law regarding the PRC, while fiercely condemning the People’s Party government in Sindh. He would advise his party to leave the government.

Khawaja says his party to leave the government

Khawaja Izhar took a direct stand, stating that the government must address the PRC issue and that we must resist the new law at all costs, under the new PRC law, anywhere in the province for any given year. A PRC can be obtained by submitting proof of residence.

He stated that I have no idea who gives such counsel to our leaders. After the new law goes into effect, entrance and employment in the province will be open to anyone. And now simply provide proof of one year and have fun; this is a province-wide issue, similar to the phoney domicile case, and the brothers of the province will soon realise this.

If this becomes a law, Sindh will become a free-entry zone where PRCs may be simply obtained by submitting the annual rent for a single dwelling, a service not accessible in any other province.