KSWB’s MD is trying to increase water Tariff

Cutting losses: KWSB may ban connections for new apartment complexes – The Express Tribune

Burdened with its inability to make residents pay their water bills on one end and the government’s refusal to raise the water tariff on the other, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is now thinking about placing a ban on providing new connections to apartment buildings in the city.

The water utility’s managing director, Misbahuddin Farid, also endorsed the news on Thursday. KWSB runs a monthly deficit as high as Rs700 million, as it struggles to get consumers pay their bills. The government’s refusal to increase the water tariff has also not helped the utility.

KWSB wants to increase water tariff. I think his demand his unjustified. He should try to recover dues from the areas, which are not paying bills. Residents who are paying bills are not getting water. If you conduct a survey in North Karachi, F.B Areas, you will see residents are facing problems in getting water supply despite the fact they are paying their bills on time. People of these areas buying water tankers at high prices.

The water utility’s managing director should form a police to recovery bills from defaulters instead of raising water tariff.