La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Cigars

la flor dominicana cigars are made using Dominican longfillers and Ecuadorian wrappers. The maker also uses a dark and oily patina. This brand came onto the market in 2003, but its unique taste attracted a lot of cigar enthusiasts. These people liked the wood and coffee bean flavors associated with the cigars.

The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel is one of the cigars that stands out from the crowd among those that are now available. The head is in the shape of a wedge, the filler is dense and packed with powerful tobacco, and the wrapper is oily and glossy. In spite of the fact that it initially has an unusual appearance, the wedge shape actually fits the mouth pretty well. The term “Double Ligero” serves not just as a descriptor but also as a cautionary phrase. This powerful cigar is made with ligero, which is the Dominican Republic’s top-shelf tobacco and known for its exceptional strength. This tobacco is grown on the owner’s farm, Litto Gomez, who also owns the brand. The cigar’s head is tapered, which concentrates the smoke and boosts the cigar’s strength. The cigar has a full-bodied blend, which is made even more strong by the head’s taper. The cigar, on the other hand, retains a great deal of its allure, including aromas of leather, ground pepper (both red and black), and wood.

It is available in the market in different pack sizes. It is also available in single pack. New people can try it.

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