Lack of sleep may make you less likely to help others, study finds

While lack of sleep has negative effects on our health, it can also make us less likely to help others.

This has been revealed by researchers from the University of California in their research.

According to reports, research shows that sleep deprivation affects the part of your brain that is directly linked to social interaction and empathy.

Researchers say that when sleep is complete, we also consider the needs of others and feel happy by helping people.

Dr. Noomi Shah of the sleep medicine department at Mount Sinai Hospital of America, involved in this research, says that 8 hours of sleep is very important for a person not only for physical health but also for mental health.

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University of California researchers also looked at the effects of selfishness by analyzing changes in neural activity and behavior that benefit others.

“As a teacher, I find that when I’m in a happy mood, I’m more active in helping my students,” said the Queens resident during the research.

The researchers say they hope the research will encourage people to get a full night’s sleep without embarrassment or lethargy.