lee oskar harmonicas

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When I received my first harmonica from my grandfather, I was overjoyed. In 60s and 70s, heroes of our films were seen  playing harmonica in film.  Kids still love harmonicas very much despite digital music.

Premium harps with carrying case on sale.

Includes 5 Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonicas (G, A, C, D, and F) with a hardshell case.

Major Diatonic Harmonicas are more airtight, simpler to bend, and better sounding.

The black Tolex harmonica case has faux leather details with creme piping, a soft inside, and a lockable latch under the handle. 20 diatonic, 2 chromatic harmonicas. Removable tray for wires, microphone, and accessories.

Lee Oskar’s new harp was built in Japan to his strict standards and used innovative processes and materials. Lee’s displeasure with the quality and consistency of mouth harps of the day inspired his novel design. Oskar’s experience recording and travelling benefited the design.