Legal action will be taken against provinces supporting PTI long march, Home Minister

After the Human Trafficking Seminar, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah spoke with the media and claimed that the constitution gives the federal government the authority to retaliate against the provinces that support the PTI Long March ‘s ascent of the state capital.

PTI Long March

Imran Khan was accused of breaking the law in the Tosha Khana case, according to the federal minister. Even his parents would not adore him if he were a son who disobeyed them. This guy persisted in instilling poor manners in the youth of the entire country. If you check the accounts of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Namal University, Imran Khan’s theft will also be revealed there.

Imran Khan has stolen gold pens and committed a 26 crore fraud. Imran Khan has been found to have insulted the court, as claimed by Rana Sanaullah. Imran Khan’s contempt of court would continue even if he apologises. Provinces that support Imran Khan’s long march will obviously be in violation of the constitution, and the federal government will respond in accordance with the constitution in such a circumstance.

The interior minister said that we Muslims should come first, that scholars should instruct us on what our religion teaches regarding transgender people, and that we should live our lives in accordance with that guidance. You won’t have a side if you live without it. He claimed that despite Imran Khan’s backing, he is currently caressing his ears and cannot even sit with him. Nobody is immune to Imran Khan’s evil. If the people of the country do not comprehend, then so will we. The folks who endured 50 years of slavery will be the rightful owners

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