BRICS Are a Major Waking Giant. It’s the West Against the Rest: Willem Middelkoop

“The BRICS alliance is a waking giant,” declares Willem Middelkoop, CDF founder and best-selling author of The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame. “It’s the west against the rest of the world now,” and a lot hinges on if Saudi Arabia joins BRICS or not, he tells Daniela Cambone. Middelkoop talks about how he predicted in his best-selling book that “Moscow and Beijing will try to rebuild the world order,” and that there will be a revaluation of gold as part of the “great reset.” Physical gold’s case has been made with “the popping of the crypto bubble,” he argues. Bitcoin is here to stay, and it’s healthy to have a shakeout in the digital asset market.” He concludes, “Bitcoin is digital gold, and the other alternative cryptos are Ponzi schemes.”

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00:00 Prospect of Saudi Arabia joining BRICS
4:59 Is the world moving on from Western dominance?
7:47 Biden’s upcoming meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping
9:05 World’s central banks buy more gold
11:09 China and Russia’s gold storage mystery
12:35 Why won’t the U.S. want to remain the dominant player in gold holding?
14:48 Gold revaluation is coming
16:23 Will there be a digital gold coming soon?
18:12 How will the crypto players fare?
19:56 Inflation and the recent CPI number
21:52 Energy crisis in Europe
23:35 How did we get into the diesel shortage?
24:53 Shortages in physical copper markets
26:08 U.S. dollar has had a huge run
27:38 Is there an uptick in the interest in miners?