Diabetes Symptoms | Diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms | Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes Symptoms | Diabetes Type 2 signs and symptoms | Diabetes Mellitus |

Diabetes is a common condition

About 37 million people in unites States have diabetes. & 90-95% people have type 2 diabetes

Onset of symptoms are


Which is the real problem as people can’t realise much about diabetes Signs

Frequent Urination

In Diabetes, the blood sugar level goes high in response the Kidney’s try to remove excess sugar by filtering it out of body
This makes person to pee more often. Especially at night time.

Increase thirst

The frequent Urination results in loss of water from body resulting in dehydration. This needs the urge to drink water more than usual

Frequent hunger

Our body digestive system breaks the food components into glucose which takes up as an energy/fuel

In diabetic people not enough of this glucose reach body cells through bloodstream

So people suffering diabetes type 2 feels constantly hungar.


A diabetic person feels tired & weak more often due to insufficient sugar reaching body cells through bloodstream

Blurred vision

The people with diabetes have blurred vision usually due to 2 reasons

High glucose levels damage blood vessels in eyes
Swelling of eye lens

If a person goes without proper eye treatment, it may lead to permanent vision loss

Slow healing sores

High sugar levels in blood may cause nerve damage & Poor circulation which results in time taking healing of wounds.

Tingling, numbness or pain in hands & feet

High Blood sugar levels damage the nerves which results in numbness & pain

Dark skin patches

Dark skin patch or band of velvet skin appear on creases of neck armpit or groin.

Itching & yeast infection

Excess sugar in urine provides food for yeast Which can lead to fungal infections.
Them fungal infection tend to occur on warm moist area of skin such as mouth genital areas & armpit

Unplanned weight loss

The body cells needs glucose for energy. When sufficient glucose doesnt reaches cells, body starts taking energy from fats & muscles which results in weight loss.

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