Stop Your Android From SPYING On You!

David & David can teach you how to prevent Android apps from spying on you. There are many different Android settings that you can use to limit what your apps can do and access.

Unfortunately, Android devices lack perfect security. Google had to release an update in December 2022 to address more than 80 security flaws affecting Android phones. Four of these flaws were labelled as “critical,” which denoted their extreme seriousness.

One “critical” flaw enabled Bluetooth code execution on Android devices by hackers. Without even requesting permission to use Bluetooth on the device, the hackers were able to accomplish this! Install the most recent security update whenever there is a significant security flaw that could enable hackers or your Android to spy on you.

The camera, microphone, accelerometer, and gyroscope on your Android are all disabled when you select the Sensors Off developer option. When Sensors Off is enabled, the Camera app won’t launch and an alert stating that “security policy prevents use of camera” will appear on your Android device.

Big tech can gather information about you without access to your camera or microphone, though. Your contacts, location, text messages, and other information are likely already available to many apps. Choose carefully which apps on your Android have access to other apps, services, and data by going to Permission Manager.

Additionally, we advise disabling Personalized Ads for Google and the Android manufacturer as well as Diagnostics & Usage Data.

Next, check to see if any of the Android apps can instal other apps without your permission. To be in control of whether an app wants to instal another app on your Android device, we advise disabling Install Unknown Apps for every app.