Looking for diesel generators?

A Power Generator is a wonderful way to provide electrical power in case of weather outages and electrical problems. That’s why businesses, schools, hospitals and keep standby generators.

Generators come in different sizes. They use diesel and natural gas to generate electricity. It is advisable that one should always take the assistance of quality experienced engineer in selecting a generator. Wrong assessment of your needs may create problems for you. Many companies who sell diesel and gas generators employ qualified sales engineer to assist their clients in generator selection according to their needs.

Bowers Generator Systems (Genset Central) has a team of qualified sales engineers. They sell a wide selection of diesel and natural gas generators made by Armstrong Cummins, Lister Petter and Baldor. You will find Kubota generators, gaseous generators, construction portable and mobile generators, diesel fuel tanks, ASCO transfer switches, manual transfer switches, Lister Petter generators, mobile light towers, agricultural generators, switchable voltage generators in their inventory.

One can make a make a request for a quote using their online form. He/She can talk to their sales engineer on the phone.

Their website is very simple and user friendly. The website has been divided into sections to facilitate users in their searches. They have provided complete specifications of generators in the PDF format.

They also maintain a large inventory of generator accessories. You can buy Generator Transfer Switch, load banks, and remote tanks in case of emergency.