Can Lowering blood pressure may reduce risk of dementia?

Lowering blood pressure in older people, according to experts, can reduce their risk of dementia.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, conducted a global study of 28,008 people on average 69 from 20 countries.

Lowering blood pressure reduce the risk of dementia Munaeems Blog February 7 2023
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Dr Ruth Peter, associate professor at the university, said that despite no significant success in the treatment of dementia, the reduction in the risk of developing the disease is a welcome development.

Dr. Roth said that this research provides evidence that years of low blood pressure treatment reduces the risk of developing dementia. But what is still not known is whether those whose blood pressure is under control will have a reduced long-term risk of dementia by lowering blood pressure or those who start treatment from early life.

According to Ruth Peters, there have been several clinical trials regarding the benefits of lowering blood pressure. But the majority of these trials did not include results related to dementia, and a few used a fictitious drug.

He said that most trials were stopped early due to the effects on the heart due to low blood pressure, which usually appear before signs of dementia.

The new study examined the link between blood pressure and dementia. For this analysis, five double-blind, placebo trials were conducted, in which blood pressure was reduced using different methods. Patients were monitored until they developed dementia.

Double-blind trials are experiments in which the researcher and the person involved in the experiment are not given any information so that their behavior is not affected.