Measles Outbreak in Sindh and Health Ministry’s poor response to tackle the crisis.


More than 93 persons have died in the province of Sindh because complications created by measles. WHO reported that 7274 have been affected with measles in 2012. The cause of this outbreak is the poor action of Sindh’s health department. More than 3 millions children are at risk because of district health departments of Sindh failed to carry out vaccination campaign in 2012.  Last year 1650 measles cases have been reported in Sindh. Health Department officials should have made  plans to vaccinate children in their areas.

Now they have woken up from slumber and trying to wash their bad image by setting up control center in Sindh.

Outbreak of Measles in Sindh has revealed  serious problems in Sindh. Measles are not a deadly disease. Affected people developed complications because they did not have medical facilities to treat the problems caused by Measles and food to give them strength.