Medical professionals caution against the dangers of the sixth corona virus wave.

Photo by CDC:

Health professionals have advised people to resume wearing face masks and maintain social distance in public places to avoid the virus at a time when those infected with various types of corona viruses are recovering at home with minor symptoms.

Health department officials told Dawn newspaper that 340 positive cases have been reported in Karachi, the most affected city in Sindh, and that the rate of positive cases has increased to 10.69% in just 7 days. In other parts of Sindh, a total of 9,892 tests were conducted, of which 34 were positive.

There are currently 1,813 corona patients living in isolation at home, and 16 patients are being treated in hospitals.

A new type of BA5, which is quickly spreading to other countries, is spreading across Pakistan, including Karachi, according to Dr. Saeed Khan, Professor of Molecular Pathology and Director of the Sindh Public Health Lab at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). There have been outbreaks, and they are now spreading among the populace.

He claimed that Karachi was also receiving reports of the spread of omecron subtypes, but that BA5, a new strain that had raised concerns in other parts of the world, was more contagious.

He added that those who are not immunized, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems may be especially vulnerable.

The increase in cases could develop into a sixth wave of the corona virus if medical advice is not heeded and corona-related precautions are not taken seriously, he warned.

Dr. Saeed Khan asserts that a number of factors contribute to the rapid spread of various corona virus varieties.

According to him, “The types of corona virus are genetically different, which helps it to be transmitted faster, among other reasons: low vaccine effect after 6 months, resistance among residents to take booster shots, and public places.” But this includes the lack of preventive measures against corona.