Men are finally wearing pink too. Is this the new trend in fashion?

When Daniel Craig wore a raspberry-colored velvet jacket to the “No Time to Die” premiere last September, we knew this hue would be popular. Mr. Bond, the manliest film character, wearing pink for the red carpet.

Pink was once the exclusive preserve of upper-class English boys and (would-be) boat owners. But as gender differences disappear, so do the restrictions on wearing certain colors. An overview of a significant men’s fashion trend.

Spring/summer 2022 men’s collections featured rose, hot pink, and fuchsia coats, trousers, shirts, and even suits.

wearing pink

Jacquemus, Ami Paris, Loewe, JW Anderson offer pink. Everything is included, from soft ice cream to Barbie pink. Jil Sander, known for a colour range between forest and sea, employed pink tones for the men’s collection, and Stone Island dipped their cotton fabric in pink before making casual coats.

Men’s pink seems here to stay. Thanks to Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Jared Leto, light to blue red tones are now a standard in autumn/winter men’s collections; the colour from the catwalk, stage, and red carpet finds its way into the shops and onto the street.

The pink is frequently paired with ruffles.

Andreas Murkudis is unpacking autumn products at his Berlin concept store. “Pink pieces” Rick Owens, Homme PlissĂ©, Dooppiaa lead. Murkudis agrees that the current passion for pink is due to gender flexibility and the breaking down of gender boundaries: “It’s becoming more acceptable for men to wear bright colours, even if it takes more guts to wear fuchsia than forest green or sky blue.”

Pink currently commonly has ruffles, satin, flowery motifs, silk, and chiffon. Since Alessandro Michele has started adding more feminine embellishments to Gucci men’s collections, schoolboys in Eckernförde and Rosenheim are painting their nails, wearing pearls, pinching brooches on their lapels, and hanging handbags. Pandemic-related interruptions may have helped sweatpants push the formal suit further and given Gen Z time to think about binary, non-binary boundaries and reject them.

For decades, upper-class English boarders and boat owners with gold Rolexes wore stiff-collared pink shirts. Today, his pink has permeated all sectors of society.