Motorola Introduces New Flagship Phone Edge (2021)

Motorola has introduced a new flagship smartphone.

Munaeems Blog February 5 2023
Motorola Edge Photo courtesy of Motorola

The Motorola Edge (2021) has been launched in the US on August 23, 2021.In terms of design, this phone is similar to the recently introduced Edge 20, but the bezel at the bottom of this new phone is quite prominent.

The Motorola Edge has a 6.8-inch Full HD Plus display with a 144 Hz refresh rate, while the 32-megapixel selfie camera is hidden in a punch-hole design.

The phone comes with 6 to 8 GB RAM and 128 to 256 GB storage options which can be further expanded with an SD card.

The Motorola Edge (2021) is a phone equipped with a Snapdragon 778G processor with a Motorola Ready software platform for computer interaction with the Android 11 operating system.

The battery of the phone is 5000 mAh with 30 watt fast charging support.

The Motorola Edge has a set of 3 cameras on the back.

The phone has a 108-megapixel main camera with 8-megapixel Ultra Wide and 2-megapixel depth sensor cameras.

Consumers will have to spend 700 700 (over PKR 115,000) to buy a phone.

This new phone is better than last year’s Edge model which was given Snapdragon 765, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Similarly, there were 4 cameras on the back but the main camera was 64 megapixels with 8 megapixel telephoto camera, 16 megapixel ultra wide and time off flight sensor