MT 110 Advice of Cheque(s)

MT 110 Scope

This multiple message is sent by a drawer bank, or a bank acting on behalf of the drawer bank to the bank on which a/several cheque(s) has been drawn (the drawee bank).
It is used to advise the drawee bank, or confirm to an enquiring bank, the details concerning the cheque(s) referred to in the message.

MT 110 Format Specifications

Status Tag Field Name Content/Options No.
M 20 Sender’s Reference 16x 1
O 53a Sender’s Correspondent A, B, or D 2
O 54a Receiver’s Correspondent A, B, or D 3
O 72 Sender to Receiver Information 6*35x 4
M 21 Cheque Number 16x 5
M 30 Date of Issue 6!n 6
M 32a Amount A or B 7
O 52a Drawer Bank A, B, or D 8
M 59 Payee [/34x]

MT 110 Network Validated Rules

  • C1 The repetitive sequence must not be present more than ten times (Error code(s): T10).
  • C2 The currency code in the amount field 32a must be the same for all occurrences of this field in the message (Error code(s): C02).

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