Muslims angry over UK’s goodwill gestures towards Modi

Indian Muslims are very angry over UK goodwill gesture towards Mr. Modi. Today, I read an article written by Seema Mustafa in the Daily Dawn, which she showed her displeasure at UK’s actions.

Seema Mustafa has accused UK of doublespeak. I would like to tell her Muslim should know know display anger over this kind of things.  UK has a right to meet people like Mr. Modi to expand their national interest.

It is the failure of Indian justice system that could not do anything against the people responsible for the 2002 riots. The question is: What can Muslims and secular Indians do to defeat Mr. Modi?

India’s secular party is itself in disarray. Their condition has allowed Mr. Modi to consolidate his power in the state. I think he will be elected again with great majority.

I know Muslims of Gujrat are in a fix. I recommend them to point out the problems faced by Muslims and take it to the Mr. Modi and see if can do something to do development work in Muslims areas and launch some schemes to allay their fears.

Muslims should pay attention to the words of British High Commission. He said:

2002 was 10 years ago and in those 10 years many important things have happened. The British government that was elected in 2010 took a decision to deepen and strengthen its relations with India. And if you want to do that you can’t ignore one of the most important states in India, which is Gujarat

And in those 10 years legal process has gone forward and has resulted in several convictions and important figures have been found guilty of committing the crime during the 2002 riots including a former member of Gujarat government.

Nations make plans for their futures according to the prevailing situation.  Scratching  old wounds will only hurt Muslims and increase friction between Hindus-Muslims in Gujrat.