New research shows that climate change is making more dangerous diseases spread.

 According to a climate change analysis report, many health issues are becoming more prevalent and severe as a result of it.

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 In this area, researchers conducted 364 studies from 1990 to 2022, and the results showed that the rising global temperature and increasing climate intensity are linked to a number of diseases, such as stroke (rupture of an artery in the brain) and dementia (a degenerative disease of the brain). It is also increasing the number of migraines and making the nervous system stiff and unable to move.

 This research report was written under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Dhawan of Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

 According to the report, hospital admissions for dementia go up by 12% when the temperature goes up by 10 degrees Celsius. The researchers also said that not only are serious diseases on the rise, but also many mild diseases like headaches.

 Aside from this, mental stress and heart diseases are also on the rise because of the long and harsh hot weather. This is because the body has to work harder to keep its parts cool and move blood to other organs.

 Experts say that people in some countries and continents, like the United States, are also getting heart attacks, lung diseases, and cancer because of the hot weather.

Similarly, evidence has emerged that while breathing in polluted air, this pollutant gets absorbed into the blood, after which it causes brain function defects and neurological diseases.