New York’s polio case sparked anxiety.

There were polio-related fears after New York was discovered to have them. Following a polio case in the US state of New York and the identification of the poliovirus in samples of sewage water, the local population has been urged to get vaccinated against the disease.

New York's polio case
Credit : GEO.TV

It should be noted that on December 22nd of last month, the first case of polio in ten years was reported in New York. The foreign news agency reported that a young man who was not immunised against the polio virus lived in the United States in 2013. After a case in New York was reported, there is concern among the populace about the rapid spread of polio. Sewage in New York was found to contain the polio virus. After almost a decade, there has been one case of polio reported in America.

A young person from an Orthodox Jewish community who contracted the polio virus and lives in Rockland County, New York, is wary of the polio vaccine. Along with encouraging people to get the polio vaccine, Rockland County also provides free polio shots. Ordinary people are also afraid of the polio virus. A woman who works as a designer told the news organization that she was horrified when a young man in her community developed polio.

The woman claimed that because my mother was against vaccinations, she did not give me any shots when I was a child. Currently, I am immunised, but it appears that many of us are vulnerable. It should be noted that while polio has no known cure, it is preventable through vaccination. It primarily affects children and can result in death or severe disability, including paralysis and muscle weakness.

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