Nimrah Khan hospitalized due to severe pain

Actress Nimrah Khan was admitted to the hospital due to severe pain and illness. She shared a post on social media from the hospital and appealed to her fans for prayers.

Munaeems Blog February 5 2023

The actress said in her Instagram stories late on August 10 that she was rushed to the hospital due to severe pain and also shared a picture of her holding a canola in her hand from the bed.

Nimrah Khan also shared an audio dedicated to her Instagram story, in which she shared her plight with her fans.

The actress appealed to the people to pray for her speedy recovery and relief, but she did not say what caused her to be rushed to hospital.

The actress is heard in the audio saying that she is also in distress due to severe pain, so prayers should be made for her speedy recovery.

Nimrah Khan asked the fans to take a minute and pray for him.

The actress also did not specify where and to which hospital she was shifted, but some social media pages claimed that Nimrah Khan had a stone in her stomach, which caused her severe pain.

However, the actress did not elaborate in this regard nor did the social media pages claiming so cite any authoritative source.

It is believed that the actress will soon inform the fans about her pain and illness.

After the news of Nimrah Khan’s illness came to light, his fans became anxious and were seen praying for his speedy recovery.