Numark NS7 – DJ Turntable Controller

Young people like to go out in the night for entertainment. Most young men and women visit their favorite restaurants or clubs in their spare time for relaxation and fun,

Urban young men and women like party life. Music is an important part of these restaurants or clubs. Owners buy good musical devices and hire experienced DJs to run their music sections. A good DJ and innovative DJ controllers are good for hotel owners. A DJ must quickly find songs requested by his guests. Numark NS7 – DJ Turntable Controller and it comes with Serato ITCH Software, which allows DJ to use the controller effeciently. One can buy numark ns7 from guitar center.

The controller features adjustable torque and motorized platters. Serato ITCH software works seemlessly with all the components. Its Numark’s Strip Search virtual-needle-drop locates items quickly.